Cuenca, Ecuador Project Center

Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
B-Term during late fall
C-Term during winter
Project Opportunities: 

Location and Culture

Cuenca, Ecuador is a modern city in the southern Andean highlands. It is located in a valley at approximate 8,400’ above sea level. Cuenca is a UNESCO World Heritage Trust site that is exemplified by the historical central district, has good public transportation and is very walkable.

Past Projects

Past students at the Ecuador project center have:

  • Developed public relations materials for the beautiful and fascinating Museo de las Conceptas, a museum in downtown Cuenca
  • Worked with the rural community of Shaglli to develop resources that support community-based, sustainable tourism
  • Promoted walking as a form of transport by designing and piloting ‘walking school buses’ with the Cuenca department of transportation and several primary schools
  • Contributed to the ‘living sustainability laboratory’ in the rural village of San Rafael, by developing sustainable construction designs for local buildings
  • Conducted research on how US migrants are impacting Cuencan society and generated program ideas to improve integration