Eilat, Israel Project Center

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Program Term(s): 
C-Term during winter
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Location and Culture

A small nation nestled between the Mediterranean and Red Seas, Israel contains geographically diverse features and a unique atmosphere of past and future, simultaneously rooted in its rich history and set on the cutting edge of innovation. Israel is a hub for entrepreneurship, home to more high-tech startups per capita than any other nation in the world. Students will be divided between two locations: Eliat, near the Red Sea, and Be'er Sheva, on the northern edge of the Negev Desert. Eliat’s average February temperatures range from 51°F to 72°F; Be'er Sheva’s temperatures range from 46°F to 66°F.

Past Projects

Past students at the Israel project center have:

  • Improved manufacturing processes for a small high-tech company
  • Explored alternative energy solutions
  • Improved clean water access