Hangzhou, China Project Center

Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
B-Term during late fall
Project Opportunities: 
Project preparation: 
Welcome, travel, and pre-departure orientations; project proposal and research plan coursework; cultural experience preparations

Location and Culture

Hangzhou is one of China’s most beautiful and bustling cities, and exemplifies China’s quest to become a modern economic power while retaining its unique historical identity. From Hangzhou, students can easily travel to Shanghai, only an hour away on the high-speed train, as well as to many other cities both inland and on the seaboard. Average temperatures in November fall between 49°F and 63°F. 

Housing and Meals

WPI students will live in hotel-style accommodations in the Xiasha District. There is no kitchen in the hotel, and students are not allowed to cook by themselves. Accommodation type and location are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed the term prior to departure.

Chinese cuisine varies greatly by region, and staple foods include rice, noodles, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings; dairy is rarely, if ever, used. Students should inform their advisor of any health concerns, dietary restrictions, or allergies in advance of participation in this program.

Past Projects

Past students at the Hangzhou project center have:

  • Determined the feasibility of an electronic bike share system in Hangzhou
  • Recommended e-book sharing and recycling practices for an innovative e-platform library company
  • Analyzed clinical trial protocols in China, Europe, and the United States for a Chinese cancer drug biotech firm