Rabat, Morocco Project Center

Rabat Project Center
Program Term(s): 
C-Term during winter

Location and Culture:

Morocco is a developing Muslim nation located on the far Western tip of North Africa. While the country strives to preserve its historic traditional crafts in rug weaving, woodcarving, and mosaic art, it is also seeking to improve the socio-economic welfare of its citizens through modernization. While student project work will be conducted throughout Morocco, the project center itself is based in Rabat, the grand capital of the nation founded in 1146. Average temperatures in Rabat in September range from 62°F to 80°F.

Past Projects:

Past students at the Rabat, Morocco Project Center have:

  • Worked on environmental issues such as global warming and water/energy conservation with the internationally known non-government organization Ribat al-Fath
  • Designed a manual for learning/behavior disorders, an art and music room, and planned fundraising initiatives for the orphanage Fondation Rita Zniber in Meknes
  • Created a podcast studying traditional Berber music styles