San José, Costa Rica Project Center

Image of Costa Rica
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
C-Term during winter
Project Opportunities: 
Project preparation: 
Welcome, travel, and pre-departure orientations; project proposal and research plan coursework; cultural experience preparations

Location and Culture:

Costa Rica offers an opportunity for students to become immersed in a culture where democracy, economic development, and concern for the environment are a permanent part of the landscape. Students can also visit or explore banana plantations, volcanoes, and black sand beaches. San José’s average temperature in April ranges from 66°F to 83°F. 

Housing and Meals:

Students will live in apartment-style housing in the San Pedro district of San José. Accommodation type and location are subject to change without notice and will be confirmed the term prior to departure.

Costa Rican cuisine is known for being fairly mild and very nutritious, with high reliance on fresh fruits and vegetables. Rice and black beans are staples of most traditional Costa Rican meals, often served three times a day. Students should inform their advisor of any health concerns, dietary restrictions, or allergies in advance of participation in this program.

Past Projects:

Past students at the San José, Costa Rica Project Center have:

  • Evaluated the phase-outs of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) in refrigerants to guide regulatory measures and recycling to reduce global warming
  • Analyzed supply chain, marketing, and retail venues of responsible fishing products with MarViva
  • Determined the best approach for an agro-ecotourism route close to San José with the Ministry of Agriculture