Stantec-Boston, MA Project Center

Stantec-Boston, MA Project Center
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C-Term during winter
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Stantec is a global consulting firm specializing in engineering, architecture, environmental sciences, project economics and more. The firm has operations in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. To date, students have completed projects for Stantec in Edmonton, Alberta; Lexington, Kentucky; and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Past Projects:

Past students at the Stantec-Boston project center have:

  • Renewable energy applications - Creating an energy best practices manual for assessing renewable energy opportunities at various locations
  • Construction - Assessing various dam construction techniques for dam rehabilitation projects along the Kentucky River
  • Sustainable community design - Determining the most successful methods of incorporating sustainability into various aspects of community planning and design
  • Other projects have focused on college sustainability design, sustainable landscape architecture, coal combustion by-products, and sustainable transportation practices.