Venice, Italy Project Center

Venice, Italy Project Center
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B-Term during late fall
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Location and Culture

Called the most beautiful city in the world, Venice features a haunting atmosphere that exudes the splendor of its past. A city without cars, filled with outstanding historical, artistic, and architectural heritage, Venice owes much of its uniqueness to its symbiotic relationship with the sea and the lagoon. Yet, despite its millenary history, the historic city of Venice is trying to adapt to 21st century lifestyles, while preserving its environmental, artistic, and cultural heritage. The rising cost of living in Venice has led to a dramatic exodus of its population, which decreased since WWII from 200,000 to 60,000, while tourism has ballooned to 12 million visitors per year. Venice is a microcosm that reflects and magnifies many of the issues confronting the rest of the world; at the same time it is a place that will allow you to experience a unique, more relaxed pace of living.

Past Projects

Past students at the Venice project center have:

  • Created a digital model of Venice streets, conducting pedestrian counts to identify congestion points
  • Designed a smartphone game exploring displaced artwork, demolished churches, and filled-in canals of Venice
  • Built a proposal for tourism management based on safety and occupancy standards