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MITRE-Bedford, Massachusetts Project Center - MQP

MITRE Bedford, Massachusetts Project Center MQP alt
MITRE-Bedford, Massachusetts Project Center - MQP
Current Director(s): 
Program Term(s): 
A-Term during early fall
Project Opportunities: 
All MITRE projects are conducted at the MITRE site in Bedford, MA, a historic town northeast of WPI. MITRE is a nonprofit organization chartered to work on federally funded research projects for government agencies such as the Department of Defense and the Federal Aviation Administration.

MITRE provides a wide range of project opportunities for WPI students pursuing various majors. Most students begin with a paid internship at MITRE during the summer before their project work commences. The internship enables students to perform background research in their project areas and liaise with MITRE company mentors.
Each team works with a company-designated mentor and WPI faculty advisor. Project work concludes with an MQP report and formal presentation at MITRE.
Admission is competitive, limited to U.S. citizens, and based on academic performance, maturity, independence, and project-relevant skills determined during interviews.

Many of the projects conducted at MITRE focus on topics related to ECE, CS, data science, and other interdisciplinary areas.  For instance, many of the ECE projects focus on topics such as embedded systems, radar, satellite communications, and GPS. An example of a recent ECE project involved the analysis of the effects of wind turbines on radar, where the computational characterization of wind farm returns were conducted in order to develop a greater understanding of the Doppler behavior of wind turbines, mitigation techniques, and dynamic adaptation/filtering approaches in response to the rotation and speed changes of the turbines. Another example of a recent ECE project area focused on the design, computational modeling, and practical realization of small antenna systems. 

As for CS projects, many of them possess a very strong cyber security focus. An example of a recent CS project investigated the automatic detection and correction of kernel-level compromises to an operating system.  Other CS projects have focused on improving our understanding of computer attacks.