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Rabat, Morocco Project Center - HUA

hua students in rabat alt
Rabat, Morocco Project Center - HUA
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C-Term during winter
Morocco is a developing Muslim nation located on the far Western tip of North Africa. While the country strives to preserve its historic traditional crafts in rug weaving, wood carving, and mosaic art, it is also seeking to improve through modernization the socio-economic welfare of its citizens. While most student project work is based in or near Rabat, the grand capital of the nation founded in 1146, students also take educational excursions throughout Morocco. WPI partners with the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) Abroad, a global organization celebrating 65+ years of superior service to students worldwide.

Students complete three one-third units to earn one unit of academic credit with studies in Arabic language, culture, and history. Their capstone project will involve learning from Moroccans about shared values, Islam, similarities and differences in popular culture, the effects of globalization, and other important contemporary issues. Previous projects have:

  • Written a blog exploring the validity, as well as the historical and cultural context, of Morocco’s “destination image”
  • Created a podcast studying traditional Berber music styles
  • Developed a website with a virtual tour of traditional Moroccan homes 
  • Evaluated the differences between Moroccan and American wedding traditions