White Mountain, New Hampshire Project Center - IQP

Current Director(s)
Program Term(s)
B-Term during late fall
A-Term during early fall
Project Opportunities
Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP)

The White Mountains Project Program is a pilot program developed in partnership with the World Trails Network (WTN), beginning in Fall 2022. The WTN is a global not for profit organization dedicated to sustainability and to people’s enjoyment of trails. All projects will take place within and among the aweing white mountains of New Hampshire.  The White Mountain Program’s mission is to facilitate environmental stewardship within the White Mountain National Forest. Students will spend 4-5 weeks living and working in close proximity to the White Mountain National Forest.

Project sponsors include the World Trails Network, Appalachian Mountain Club and National Forest Service, among others.  In collaboration with the World Trails Network, students will partake in regular fireside chats aimed at educating us on the delicate ecosystems of the White Mountains, environmental ethics and the impact of nature on healing.

Projects may include:

  • Methods to protect the alpine zone
  • Efforts to manage heavy traffic in fragile areas
  • Development of educational material on the local ecology
  • Development of hiking trail documentation and virtual tours