WPI's multidisciplinary research in materials science and engineering is motivated by the recognition that the future will depend on the development of new materials (including materials inspired by nature), the innovative use of traditional materials, and the recovery and reuse of materials we now discard. Researchers collaborate across disciplines and with industry partners through such forward-looking enterprises as the Metal Processing Institute, the Integrative Materials Design Center, and the Surface Metrology Laboratory.

Beyond materials, WPI's broad-based research efforts address sustainability issues in energy generation and alternative energy (fuel cells, grid storage, power generation using undersea kites); manufacturing (lean manufacturing, sustainable supply chains, advanced industrial drying); and mobility (the production of liquid transportation fuels from lignocellulosic biomass, advanced batteries for vehicles and battery recycling, sustainable highway infrastructure).

Charging Ahead

Lithium-ion batteries power electronics and electric vehicles, but very few of these ubiquitous energy storage devices are ever recycled due to challenges related to their chemistry. A new company, based on research by WPI mechanical engineer Yan Wang, may be the first to bring a viable recycling technology to market.

Advancing Manufacturing at WPI

New ideas, new technologies, and new talent is required to drive the evolution of manufacturingLearn more about WPI's role in eight of the Manufacturing USA initiatives and its commitment to producing and educating the next generation of talent‎. 

WPI's Metal Processing Institute: A Premiere Industry-University Collaborative

Established 30 years ago, WPI's Metal Processing Institute (MPI) is a leading collaborative effort between nearly 100 industries and WPI. With annual research expenditures approaching $6 million, MPI is home to four centers led by innovative and award-winning faculty and in partnership with industry leaders.

Great Minds at Work; See Yourself Here

WPI is a collaborative community where faculty and staff celebrate new ideas, respect different opinions, and foster professional and personal growth. We believe the potential for individual innovation and impact is made even greater by the opportunity to collaborate with—and to be challenged by—other great minds. Join us; view our current job openings.