WPI researchers are at the forefront of robotics engineering advances and breakthroughs as they study, design, and build revolutionary robotic technologies that are having an impact in many areas of society.

Researchers have access to cutting-edge facilities and tools, including state-of-the-art laboratories for work in such areas as medical robotics, soft robotics, human-robot interaction, and unmanned aerial vehicles. A host of robotic systems are also available to faculty and student researchers, including WARNER (WPI’s Atlas Robot for Nonconventional Emergency Response), a 6-foot-tall Atlas humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics that was WPI's entry in the prestigious DARPA Robotics Challenge for robot disaster response.

As a former program director for the National Science Foundation’s Robotics and Human Augmentation Program, Jing Xiao has been conducting critical research in robotics as well as in haptics, the science of enabling machines to feel or communicate through touch. Now, as the head of Robotics Engineering at WPI, she talks about what inspires her, what’s next in robotics--even how to deal with growing fears about artificial intelligence. 

Innovation on Wheels - Using Cyberphysical Systems in a Human World

With more than a quarter of a billion vehicles crisscrossing American roads, WPI researchers are finding ways to make those travels safer and the vehicles cheaper and more eco-friendly. From the factory floor until a car drives its last mile, researchers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency, recycling, and safety. Cyberphysical systems are making it easier for people to interact with engineered systems thanks to complex and advanced technological applications.


Learn more about what researchers at WPI are doing in the area of cyberphysical systems, too, in Innovation on Wheels.

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