Areas of Distinction

The facility is currently divided up into three areas of distinction with various rooms or "suites" within each area.

1. Home, Rehab, and Assistive Care Environment

  • Motion Capture Suite
  • Residential Care Suite

2. Hospital Care Environment

  • MRI Suite
  • Hybrid OR Suite
  • Clinical Care Suite

3. Manufacturing and Prototyping Space

  • Machine Shop
  • Electronics Fabrication
  • 3D Printing

1. Home, Rehab, and Assistive Care Environment

Motion Capture Suite

the motion capture suite is designed for high precision tracking of objects across a 600 square foot area. A 10 camera Vicon Vantage motion capture system enables studies related to gait and biomechanic analysis, localization of mobile robots, characterizing the motion of surgical tools, and more. Additionally, the inclusion of 2 AMTI force plates within a raised flooring captures reaction forces during walking, a  Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG system records signals from up to 16 muscles on test subjects, and a gantry system can support subjects across the entire area when testing devices to aid impaired walking. 

Residential Care Suite

the residential care suite is designed to mimic a home setting with integrated support for research activities. A gantry system spans the three rooms of the suite, enabling subjects to be safe and supported as they test new exoskeletons and lower-limb prostheses in a real-world environment. Equipment rails for mounting motion capture cameras and a host of networking capabilities in a realistically furnished setting enables testing smart home technologies while using research-grade instruments to make ground truth measurements. This suite will ensure ideas being developed in the research lab will still work when translated to the real world.

2. Hospital Care Environment

MRI Suite

An MRI suite devoted to medical device development and non-clinical imaging studies provides a unique setting to accelerate new methods of disease diagnosis and treatment. MRI guided robotics are an emerging technology to provide precision targeted placement of therapeutic and diagnostic instruments, reducing the occurrence of false-negative biopsies and enabling new methods in the treatment of cancer. Additionally, new visualization and image fusion technologies can be developed and tested to improve a clinician's ability to accurately interpret medical images. Co-located with PracticePoint's manufacturing and prototyping capabilities, the development cycle of design, prototype, test, and iterate will be greatly reduced.

Hybrid OR Suite

The hybrid OR suite will provide an accurate environment for testing new surgical devices and imaging techniques. With a doorway into the MRI suite, new applications and techniques of multimodal imaging can be developed and tested using the suite's C-Arm fluoroscope, endoscope, and ultrasound capabilities. Additionally, new technologies for providing feedback to a surgeon, or for robotically assisting surgeries, can be tested for their integration into the surgical workflow prior to expensive clinical studies. 

Clinical Care Suite

The clinical care suite recreates the setting found in the hospital's ICU. New patient monitors and sensing technologies can be tested and integrated in a realistic setting. Studies related to alarm fatigue can be carried out to determine what information needs to be provided and when in order to avoid life threatening oversights in high stress situations. Additionally, new technologies can be tested for transferring procedures from expensive specialized operating, imaging, and exam rooms to the patient's bedside in order to reduce the cost of care.