Bengisu Tulu

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems, WPI School of Business

Washburn ShopsPhone:

Areas of expertise

  • Design and development of health information technologies
  • Implementation of health information technologies
  • Implications of health information technologies on healthcare organizations and consumers

Interest areas in healthcare

  • Telemedicine and telehealth programs in healthcare organizations as a technology innovation
  • User perspectives on electronic health records in various healthcare settings
  • Utilization of personal health records for personal health information management
  • Using mobile technologies to support consumers in personal health management

Current healthcare projects

  • Designing a diabetes smart phone application that will integrate wirelessly with a personal glucose meter and scale, track and archive blood sugar levels and weight, and use the phone's camera to capture and analyze images of lesions known as foot ulcers
  • Studying the utilization of personal health records and mobile technologies for chronic condition, health management, and personal health information management
  • Studying implementation of electronic health records in different healthcare organizations
  • Studying business strategies and project management in telehealth projects
  • Designing smartphone applications that provide evidence-based feedback for various health conditions

Future aspirations

  • Use of robotics for monitoring and providing care in daily living environments
    Technology-based wellness interventions in communities
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