Elke A. Rundensteiner

Professor, Computer Science

Fuller Laboratories, 238
Phone: 508-831-5815
Fax: 508-831-5776

Areas of expertise

  • Data management and data modeling
  • High-performance data analytics and sensor stream exploration
  • Mobile application development
  • Data integration and web system development
  • Data mining and knowledge extraction
  • Decision making support technologies

Interest areas in healthcare

  • Medical data analytics for healthcare-related decision making
  • Tracking and monitoring of goods, services and healthcare personnel
  • Business process mining and exploration support
  • Online web services for medical diagnosis and self-help
  • Mobile application development related to healthcare applications

Current healthcare projects

  • Healthcare worker monitoring for infection control and reminder system
  • Complex event analytics for medical applications
  • Medical record-based data integration system
  • Multi-sensor stream analytics for data integration and web system development
  • Mobile application-based linkage of mentally unstable people to support services

Future aspirations
To participate in data-centric computing applications that exploit data and data analytics to enable patients to improve their lives and to facilitate effective decision-making.

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