Gregory S. Fischer

Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Director of the WPI Automation and Interventional Medicine Robotics

Laboratory Office: Higgins Laboratories, 206
Phone: 508-831-5261
Fax: 508-831-5680

Areas of expertise

  • Image-guided therapy and surgical robotics
  • Surgical planning, tracking and navigation, and interactive guidance
  • Telemedicine, haptics, and tele-operation
  • Rehabilitation robotics, soft exo-musculature, electro-physiologic control
  • MRI-compatible mechatronics, fiber optic sensors, and piezoelectric and pneumatic actuators
  • Robot modeling, simulation, and control
  • Image-guided needle placement, steering, and control Interest areas in healthcare
  • MR image-guided interventions
  • Surgical planning, guidance, assessment, and process control
  • Targeted prostate cancer diagnosis and therapy delivery
  • Robot-assisted image-guided stereotactic neurosurgery
  • Robotic rehabilitation devices
  • Assistive, tele-presence, and human-interaction robots

Current healthcare projects

  • MR image-guided precision prostate cancer biopsy and brachytherapy seed placement
  • MR-guided robotic deep brain stimulation lead placement for Parkinson's disease therapy
  • Robot-assisted brain cancer therapy with conformal ablation
  • Surgical guidance based on statistical atlases
  • Soft robotic exo-musculature for stroke rehabilitation with EMG control
  • Humanoid robot for assessment and therapy of children with pervasive developmental disorders

Future aspirations

To improve surgical procedures by effectively providing and integrating as much information as possible during the intervention to improve patient outcomes.

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