WPI researchers welcome the challenge and the opportunity to work toward state-of the-art solutions to critical industrial, medical, and environmental problems. Our research faculty members are adaptive, and investigators regularly collaborate across disciplines to address new technological paradigms. Commercial relevance is one of the ways we measure success in our research programs.

WPI Intellectual Property Catalog

WPI academic scholarship in engineering and applied science and pragmatic inventive activity are highly integrated throughout the university departments. 

Office of Intellectual Property & Innovation

The mission of this office is to identify, evaluate and value, protect, classify, market, and license the intellectual property assets developed by WPI researchers, as well as significant users of WPI resources. That makes is a must-visit resource for WPI faculty and students with innovations and ideas to protect.

National Academy of Inventors Chapter

The mission of the National Academy of Inventors® is to honor academic invention; recognize and encourage inventors, enhance the visibility of WPI research and innovation; encourage the disclosure and licensing of intellectual property, educate and mentor innovative students, and translate the inventions of its members to benefit society. Currently, WPI is looking to add members. 

Criteria for membership

  • Students:  Have applied for at least a provisional patent while an undergraduate 

  • Faculty: Have an issued patent 

  • Alumni:  Have an issued patent, either as an individual or through one’s employer (honorary members) 

A WPI startup company, Battery Resourcers, develops a unique process for recycling lithium-ion batteries. Led by Yan Wang, it was recently a finalist in the MassChallenge Boston event.