In the spring of 2013, WPI opened one of the most sophisticated fire science laboratories in the nation--and the largest fire research facility in academia--with one overarching mission: to enable researchers to set things on fire, study how they burn, and apply their findings to help make the world a safer place.

WPI Fire protection engineering researchers explore how new building methods hold up to post-earthquake fires. A 2012 study by WPI fire protection engineers showed that earthquake-related damage to a building's structural elements and fire protection systems can accelerate the spread of fires and make it harder for firefighters to respond and occupants to evacuate.

The eye-tracking technology in the WPI User Experience and Decision Making Research Laboratory can help businesses build success.

Security: a Complicated Business

A novel robotic system promises to make prostate cancer biopsies faster, more accurate, less costly, and less discomforting for the patient.

Students in the nation’s business schools learn a bewildering range of facts about the realities of modern business life, but there is one word they are unlikely to hear in the classroom: family.

Three researchers in WPI’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department are studying natural materials to adapt elements of their design, or leverage their natural properties, to make materials that are stronger, more durable, and more sustainable.

When you set out to take a life-saving discovery from the benchtop to marketplace, you’d better be prepared for detours.