2010 Research Magazine

The cover of the current issue of WPI Research features Anakin the mannequin sporting a head-mounted virtual reality display. Anakin helps out with research in WPI's Human Interactions in Virtual Environments (HIVE) lab.

Drawing on the power of modern computers, scientists and engineers at WPI are working at the forefront of virtual reality, developing technology that lets users experience virtual worlds with all of their senses, allows surgeons to use real-time medical imaging to look inside the body as they operate, and reveals the real world in new ways.  See the story "Virtually Real" for more.


On the cover

Margan Stanton, a PhD candidates in chemistry & biochemistry, helps develop engineered surfaces that can react with biological molecules and cells. These surfaces may be used to build a model cell membrane that can help test new diabetes drugs.

About WPI Research

WPI Research, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute research magazine, is produced annually for the Division of Academic Affairs by the Division of Marketing and Communications.

Editor: Michael Dorsey, Director of Research Communications

Design: Pamela Mecca

Photography: Patrick O'Connor, Dan Vaillancourt

Production: Dianne Vanacore, Production Coordinator; Peggy Isaacson, Copy Editor


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