WPI built its roots on manufacturing. The university’s educational approach of putting theory into practice fits especially well into a field that serves nearly every industry around the globe. Manufacturing engineers challenge themselves to produce materials and processes that are better, faster, cleaner, cheaper, and less wasteful. Manufacturing needs big-picture problem solvers, and WPI is committed to inspiring and training the next generation of manufacturing professionals.  

Our innovative manufacturing experience earned the university a prestigious designation as a member of eight of the 14 Manufacturing USA multidisciplinary centers nationwide. The public-private partnership that is Manufacturing USA blends ideas and technology and brings in the people who can solve the advanced manufacturing challenges while making positive impacts on increasing competitive standing, stimulating economic growth, and strengthening U.S. national security.

Peeking behind the curtain of manufacturing reveals a breadth of activity that is exciting and inspiring. In fact, manufacturing is not just about heavy gear and big spaces. It also encompasses pristine modern manufacturing areas for making materials for areas as diverse as health and biotechnology, military, or robotics.

WPI innovators are using their discoveries to make the world a better place for us all. Here, they tell their stories about why manufacturing is experiencing a critical resurgence and how it plays a crucial role in our daily lives. What they say might surprise you.

Read the Stories of What Manufacturing Means Today


Shihui Ma
Shihui Ma's manufacturing work led to work as a metallurgist for Tiffany Co


Danielle Cote
Danielle Cote's work with materials depends on her understanding of the manufacturing process.


Ryan Mocadlo
Ryan Mocadlo found his manufacturing specialty by accident and never looked back.


Caitlin Walde
Caitlin Walde's fascination with the breadth of manufacturing led her to explore the field.

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Kristen Picard
Kristen Picard knows the science behind manufacturing is crucial to the process.