WPI’s Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling (CR3) invites undergraduate students from around the country to apply for two competitive Research Experience for Undergraduates projects in recycling. The program will run in the summer of 2020. Please check back for important program dates and application deadlines. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in one of two available projects:

  1. Upgrading Steel Scrap for Electric Arc Furnace Recycling

    Recycling steel scrap with high levels of contaminated copper and tin is difficult for the steel industry. This project will develop methods to lower the copper content in scrap by physical/chemical techniques for use in steel recycling.

  2. Sorting of Aluminum Scrap for Value-Added Recycling
    Army Research Laboratory is interested in recycling the metallic waste generated at the forward operating bases. As the first step, this project will develop reliable method for separating and sorting the metallic scrap into metallic and non-metallic and further into ferrous and non-ferrous metallic scraps.

Program Support

Students will receive a stipend of $5,000, a free WPI room in residential housing dedicated to participants in various WPI REU sites, and a travel subsidy.

Academic Program

In addition to research activities, students will have the opportunity to participate in all WPI campus seminars and events.

Social Events

Throughout the summer, various social events will be planned. Worcester, New England’s second largest city is on the rise; learn more about things to do in Worcester.

Applications for these two projects are due in the spring of 2020. Check back for specific dates.

As an NSF-funded project, only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for support. Experience or background in materials processing is required. As part of the application, you will need to provide us with your resume, research interests, a statement of purpose, and two references.