From career fairs to networking nights and on-campus interviews, the Career Development Center (CDC) can help you take the first step in learning more about jobs and companies that interest you.

Recruiter interviewing a student during career fair

You’ll have many opportunities to meet and talk face-to- face with potential employers through CDC events. Learn firsthand about various potential career paths and network with professionals in your industry.

Career Fairs

Each year, WPI holds two career fairs—one in the fall and one in the spring. Attend one or both fairs to meet and network with some of the hundreds of employers attending every year. For tips on how to successfully navigate the career fair, including what to wear and which of your strengths and accomplishments you should highlight for an employer, download the How to Make a Career Fair Work for You tipsheet (PDF).

Fall 2019 Career Fair

RSVP for the Fall 2019 Career Fair to get notifications and check out the registered employers here.
Don't forget while you can RSVP in Handshake, you need to register with the CDC to receive your nametag and be able to attend: 

  • Pre-register September 17 or 18th, 9am – 4pm by the fountain (Rain Location: Campus Center Table)
  • Registration is also available the day of the event starting at 10am in the Sports and Rec Center

Company Presentations

Recruiters interviewing on campus offer information sessions that allow you to network, ask questions, evaluate your options, and learn more about their company.

Networking Nights

An opportunity for you to interact with alumni, fellow students, and other professionals, Networking Nights are held on campus and target a specific industry or population.

On-Campus Interviews

Over 200 companies and organizations participate in on-campus interviews for summer, co-op, and full-time employment opportunities. Interviews take place from September to April each year.

Off-Campus Events

Companies and organizations often alert the CDC to off-campus recruiting events that WPI students are eligible to attend. These range from career fairs and company recruiting events to professional development programs. Check out the Calendar for more details.


Gompei Visits the Career Fair

Gompei Attends 2018 WPI Spring Career Fair