1. Meet with your faculty advisor and the Office of Academic Advising to develop an academic plan including Co-op and your degree requirements.

2. Students with financial aid must schedule a meeting with the Office of Student Aid & Financial Literacy to discuss a Co-op’s impact on your financial aid status. 

Please Note: participation in the WPI undergraduate co-op program will include a student fee of $200 to remain an active student status with the institution, and maintain access to all WPI resources. 

3. Meet with the Career Development Center to learn how to search and apply for Co-ops. This includes resume and cover letter writing, job search strategies and resources, interview skills, and salary negotiation. The Career Development Center encourages you to use appointments, drop ins or attend workshops to prepare. If you would like to learn more about Co-op please schedule a Co-op Information appointment.

4. Please read the Terms of Agreement. When submitting the Undergraduate Co-op Forms you are confirming you have read, understand and will abide by the terms.

5. Remain registered for courses until your Co-op is processed.  The Office of the Registrar will then un-enroll you from courses and register you for Co-op.

6. Apply, interview, and accept a Co-op position and utilize the CDC for support.  After officially accepting an offer, you should immediately withdraw applications with any other companies. Politely let them know you have accepted another position so other students may benefit. The CDC can help you with communicating this; if you need assistance or would like to role-play the scenario please make an appointment with a CDC Staff Member or visit the CDC during drop-in hours. Employers will appreciate your professionalism.

7. Complete the Undergraduate Co-op Program Forms which are found in your Handshake account.  To begin, enter your Co-op in the Experiences section, which will then include your acknowledgement to abide by the Terms of Agreement, allow review of your Judicial Record through the Dean of Students Office, Bursar for financial holds, approval by your Faculty Advisor that you have communicated your four year academic course plan, the co-op experience, and that you are in good academic standing, supervisor at the company, the Office of Student Aid & Financial Literacy, Career Development Center,  International House (if applicable), and for you to upload a copy of the job description, and an offer letter mentioning start date, end date, salary and supervisor contact information. Should you be submitting a petition, you will submit this while filling out the aforementioned forms.

8. The CDC will initially confirm that your Co-op meets the Eligibility Requirements of the Undergraduate Co-op Program.  After the CDC’s initial confirmation on your Co-op, the approval process begins.  Once all approvals are received and granted, notification will be sent to the Registrar, the Office of Student Aid & Financial Literacy, the Bursars Office, and if applicable, International House and Residential Services, as well as to you and your faculty advisor and supervisor. The Registrar at this point will un-enroll you from academic courses in the terms you will be away and register you for CP 100_ (the applicable courses that align with your time on Co-op).

9. Make arrangements for your housing in the new location/Sublet your current off-campus apartment/Return your residence hall key before traveling to your Co-op.  If you do not make arrangements for your current housing or return your residence hall key to Residential Services you will be charged for housing.

10. You may now start your Co-op on the date agreed upon with your employer.  Enjoy your experience, and know the Career Development Center is here to support you through this experience.