FY1800 Discovering Majors & Careers

Discovering Majors & Careers (FY1800) is a course for first-year undergraduate students to learn about majors and careers; it's a great option if you’re undecided or trying to decide between two majors.

Offered in E1, E2, A, and B Terms, the course includes self-assessments, tutorials, major videos, learn how to draft informational interviews, develop a resume and have it critiqued by a member of the CDC staff, and more.


Students will…

… Develop proficiency in utilizing on-line career development resources such as interest inventories, personality assessments, and information on majors and career options

… Achieve competency in the use of career management tools such as resume writing, elevator pitches, informational interviewing and networking, including Handshake and LinkedIn

… Deepen their understanding of majors offered at WPI, and how those majors relate to various career pathways using proprietary and marketplace data

… Apply theses resources, tools and knowledge to formulate their own career exploration plan for their first year at WPI


In this course, you will be expected to:

  • Attend group meetings

  • Contribute to group message board weekly

  • Complete weekly course content and assignments

  • Respect that each student may be at a different point in their major and career exploration journey

You learn all about majors offered at WPI and exactly what they are.
The course is a good way to really make yourself think about what you want to do, and helps you obtain information to do so.
The course is hands down the most helpful thing you can do to help you choose a major.