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When it comes to financing graduate school, it’s important for you to start searching early and pay attention to deadlines, especially since deadlines for financial aid, fellowships, scholarships, and research and teaching assistantships aren’t always the same as those for the admissions applications for graduate programs. The Career Development Center (CDC) is ready to help you make sense of all the options available to you.

Most graduate students finance their education through merit- or need-based fellowships, scholarships, assistantships, and grants. You may have the opportunity to obtain some aid through your university, but other grants and scholarships can be found from outside sources, so be sure to investigate all financial aid possibilities inside and outside your school or program.

Not all assistantships are advertised, so it’s important that when applying to graduate school, you speak with the Graduate Admissions Office and Department, as well as individual faculty members to inquire about assistantships. In your Personal Statement, you should also inquire about teaching or research assistantships by highlighting your past experience and the contribution you could make to research currently going on at the university. For more tips, download the Personal Statement (PDF) tipsheet.