The Career Development Center (CDC) at WPI is dedicated to promoting a beneficial relationship between employers and students. Therefore, it requires that students and employers be aware of and follow policies and expectations to ensure effective professional relationships.

The CDC offers career assistance to all WPI students enrolled in degree-granting programs for life. We do not provide services for students in certificate programs.

Policies for Students


The CDC expects WPI students to be responsive, polite, and professional in all correspondence with outside organizations as they represent themselves and the university.

If a WPI student finds their interaction with an employer representative as questionable, concerning, or inappropriate, we highly suggest the student consult the CDC through an appointment or an email to cdc@wpi.edu. Likewise, should an employer find an interaction with a student as questionable, concerning, or inappropriate, we ask that the employer contact the CDC. Any individual that violates these expectations may find that their behavior has resulted in the suspension of campus recruiting services (Handshake, Career Fairs, On-Campus Interviews, etc.) provided by the WPI CDC at the discretion of the CDC Executive Director. Letters of apology may be requested as deemed necessary by CDC staff.

Withdrawing from a Job Offer (aka Reneging)

When students accept offers of employment, only to back out to accept an alternate offer from another company, it is known as “reneging” on an offer.   Corporate recruiters have called the CDC to complain of this practice. 

As WPI students, you need to be aware that you are representing more than your own interests.  Your actions reflect back on the entire university, including alumni and future students. As a university, we encourage our students to have a reputation of keeping their word.  When you accept an offer of employment, either verbally or in writing, it is a formal commitment that employers rely on; they stop their hiring search; they plan your training; they tee up projects; etc. 

 Reneging on an offer you have accepted, is different from receiving multiple offers around the same time and then trying to negotiate and decide between them in a professional manner, ultimately accepting one.  The CDC is happy to consult with you confidentially on how to best manage multiple offers or any particular offer you receive.

Your minimum commitment to a company for an internship is for the agreed upon length of the position in which you are working.  If you are accepting a full-time job at graduation, while there are no set rules, you do not want to be viewed as someone who jumps around every few months, especially when you are just launching your career.  Prospective employers may interpret your jumping around as an inability to make and/or keep a commitment, a reputation you do not want. This is not to say you should not be aggressive in your career growth, but rather we encourage you to manage your career strategically, looking at a wide range of factors.

When a WPI student backs out of an employment agreement, it gives employers reason to pause before making future offers to other WPI students, or to potentially stop recruiting at WPI altogether.  We do not want to rob other WPI students of the opportunities you enjoy.  Please adhere to professional standards of conduct regarding making and keeping commitments to employers, both for your own professional reputation and the reputation of the university.  If you have questions about appropriate conduct, please go to the CDC and ask – we are here to help and support you.

Should a student accept an offer from an employer, the WPI CDC expects our students to withdraw from any other searches in-process. Moving forward on another option while currently being under a hiring contract with a company will be seen as falsely misleading employers and unprofessional in nature.

Accuracy of Information

All information you submit to the CDC or directly to an employer must be truthful. In addition to concerns of ethics and integrity, many employers verify information submitted by candidates for employment.  Discrepancies in information have resulted in the withdrawal of job offers, as well as termination of employees already on payroll following the discovery of a discrepancy.

On-Campus Interviews: No-Show Policy
  • If you cannot make an interview because of illness or some unforeseen circumstance, you must inform the CDC as soon as possible prior to your interview time (by phone at 508-831-5260 or by email at cdc@wpi.edu) or it will be considered a No-Show.
  • If you No-Show for an interview, you must send a letter of apology to the company recruiter with a request for a phone or on-site interview at their convenience. This letter is mandatory and a copy must be submitted to cdc@wpi.edu. You will be placed on probation from On-Campus Interviews for the next two recruiting weeks. This means you will not be able to interview with any companies for that period of time. There are no exceptions. If a student fails to show up for an interview a second time, you must meet with the appropriate member of the CDC Leadership Team and your interviewing privileges may be taken away.