Inside the classroom and beyond, WPI is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive campus community where everyone is valued, respected, safe, and empowered.

The WPI community includes a broad range of backgrounds, cultures, religions, opinions, and orientations, creating a rich, dynamic learning––and living––environment. By bringing these diverse minds together, our students gain an appreciation for different cultures, an expanded world view, and a global perspective that prepares them to address society’s greatest challenges.

There are many opportunities on campus for students to connect with others who share their interests and experiences through programming and events and student-run organizations. From Black History Month to Passover Dinner, WPI students have access to a wide variety of different initiatives, programs, and resources that celebrate culture and identity, give a voice to a diverse student body, and raise awareness through education and ongoing dialogue.  

Getting Involved

At WPI, you can dive deep into a dozen different cultures without ever leaving campus, from the Burmese Student Association to the Hispanic and Caribbean Student Association to the German Club.