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Alex R.

MS, Biomedical Engineering, Tissue Engineering/Biomaterials Track

Alex finds the teamwork that makes WPI’s project-based learning approach so effective also builds essential business skills. With an appreciation for the strengths, backgrounds, beliefs, and weaknesses others have, he says collaborative teams create work that’s stronger than what each student could do alone. Adding in the technical-based knowledge they acquire gives WPI students an advantage in many industries upon graduation.

As he moved through his BS/MS program at WPI (which allows him to earn his master’s degree in only one year after earning his BS), Alex became involved in WPI’s Value Creation Initiative at its earliest stages. He took a Biomedical Engineering value creation course, where he learned to focus on value in work and used extensive customer interviews to understand exactly what customers needed. The experience gave him a new perspective.

“Value creation taught me the importance of asking, ‘Why are you working on a particular issue or topic?’ and ‘Who cares about it?’” he says. Value creation helps students and professionals create work that fills a need in the market or in society, rather than for discovery only. “As engineers, it is important that we work on meaningful problems and develop solutions that people care about,” he says, noting that he’ll use value creation principles in his professional life.

Headshot of Alex Rebello

Somerset, MA

Faculty Mentor

Sam Nejame, I-Corps Mentor

Glenn Gaudette, Principal Investigator on Alex's undergraduate and graduate research projects


Awarded a $50,000 National Science Foundation research grant

Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society Vice President, 2018

Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering Honor Society, 2018-20


Rubin Campus Center Building Manager and Operations Manager, 2017–20

Academic Resources Center Tutor and Team Leader, 2017–19

I-Corps, WPI and national levels

Value creation can be beneficial professionally because it will make your projects and their solutions more meaningful and more successful.