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Alli R.

Senior, BS in Biology & Biotechnology

Ask Alli about her favorite part of WPI, and the answer is quick and sure: the fact that everyone is passionate about something, from robotics and video games to ultimate Frisbee and music. “Everyone has their own thing, is dedicated, and loves to share what that thing is about,” she says.

Alli’s thing? Anything involving animals (she’s pre-vet, and spends most Saturdays shadowing veterinarians at the Shrewsbury Community Animal Hospital) or trivia games (she represented WPI on Jeopardy's 2018 College Championship).

Yes, really.

Alli put her trivia and quick thinking skills to the test, ultimately making it to the semifinals of the tournament that she describes as “an incredibly fun experience.”

After graduation, Alli plans to attend veterinary school, where she’ll be able to further utilize the communication, leadership, and organizational skills she mastered at WPI.

WPI student

Shrewsbury, MA

  • Maintained a 4.0 GPA during her time at WPI
  • Represented WPI on the Jeopardy! College Championship
  • Tutor at the Academic Resources Center
  • Member of Mu Sigma Delta (Pre-Health Society)
  • Member of the Promotion of Animal Welfare Society
  • Member of the Pre-Health Honor Society

Start the day with my morning classes.


Grab lunch in the campus center (it saves time between classes, and is a great place to people-watch)


I stop at the gym after my last class of the day before heading back to my apartment.


My roommates and I make dinner together.


I hang out with friends before spending the rest of the night finishing up homework before bed.

Do take advantage of every opportunity offered here! Try something new, meet new people, get to know your professors—odds are that the connections you make now will be useful to you later.
This campus is a great place to explore your interests and build them into something you can be devoted to long-term.
WPI graduates are so prepared for the demands of a real-world assignment because of the way IQPs and MQPs are structured.
We know how to communicate and collaborate with advisors and superiors, how to do both group and individual projects, and how to write and present professionally.