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Ari Trey-Masters '20

BS, Biomedical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering

“I personally really like actualizing the things that I learn," he says, "that's how I best understand things, so WPI's project-based learning enhances my knowledge of the material while making every class a bit more fun.”

Ari has also taken a leadership role in a number of clubs and organizations on campus, including vice president of the Cheese Club, a group he says “fosters a welcoming and wholesome community of turophiles ; I really enjoy being able to make an impact in that community and to help it grow.”

He’s also a brother of Sigma Pi fraternity, membership coordinator for the Hillel chapter, and a Community Advisor–a perfect role for him, since he enjoys helping the next class better integrate to the school. Ari also makes time for other interests and activities, such as Underwater Hockey, Art and Design Club, Active Minds, Rubik’s Cube Club, and ballroom dancing––all while making the dean’s list.

For students considering studying at WPI, Ari believes that “WPI is not just a factory that turns out engineers, but an amazing place that provides many ways to grow, both personally and as a leader.”

Following graduation, Ari hopes to build things to help people, especially prosthetic devices that will improve quality of life, and to make the world a better place as a whole.

Ari Trey-Masters sits next to the sign at WPI's main entrance. He's wearing a yellow Cheese Club shirt with a cow on it and jeans, and has several blocks of cheese next to him.

Philadelphia, PA

Faculty Mentor
  • GPS: Curtis Abel, Glenn Gaudette, John Sullivan, Kris Boudreau, David DiBiasio, John Bergendahl, Leslie Dodson
  • Insight Wellness: Jessie Kamer, who helped me learn a lot more about WPI's resources
  • Insight Advisor: Nicholas Bertozzi, who helped me transition from an undecided major to knowing what I want to do
  • Hillel: Maggie Becker
  • Senator, WPI Student Government
  • External Vice President, Active Minds
  • Vice President, Cheese Club
  • Resident Advisor 
  • Alpha Eta Mu Beta, BME Honor Society
  • Omicron Delta Kappa, Leadership Honor Society
  • Reading books
  • Doing origami
  • Solving Rubik’s Cubes
  • Sigma Pi fraternity
Even in my other classes, the projects provided a perfect supplement to the pure academics.
Other schools I looked at seemed to be only social stuff or only academics, and I think WPI does a great job of balancing the two sides to create well-rounded and active citizens of tomorrow.
WPI prepares students for the fast deadlines in the working world and gives us the tools to learn whatever we need to succeed.

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