Christina A.

Senior, BS in Computer Science

Starting her Computer Science major with no programming experience, Christina experienced wonderful support from the department as a whole, including her faculty members and incredibly accommodating teaching assistants (TAs) to whom she owes a huge amount of thanks for all of their extra help to get her caught up to speed.

Because of them, she also became a TA for a few introductory courses and is grateful to now have the opportunity to give back to the WPI community like they did for her. She holds extra help sessions, makes additional note sets to more deeply describe some concepts learned in class, and schedules one-on-one meet-ups with students to answer questions.

Christina has first-hand experience that WPI’s collaborative community environment is a big key to success, and now she’s paying it forward.

Christina Aiello Picture

Methuen, MA

Faculty Mentor
  • Gary Pollice, Professor, Computer Science
  • Kathi Fisler, Professor, Computer Science
  • Emmanuel Agu, Associate Professor, Computer Science
  • Graduating from the Computer Science program after starting with no programming experience whatsoever
  • Striving to be an extra supportive teaching assistant
  • Developing a huge network of friends and acquaintances, which is very helpful in the working world
  • Alpha Phi Omega (Omicron Iota Chapter)
  • Women in Computer Science
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Computer Science Honor Society)
  • Toastmasters
  • Dance Team
  • Cooking and drawing
6:30 am

 Wake up early for classes so I have time to go to Dunks. (That’s Dunkin’ Donuts for those outside of Massachusetts.)

9:00 am

Get some Teaching Assistant work done, which usually means answering emails, holding office hours, and grading assignments.

12:00 pm

Snack on my homemade lunch that I cooked in the morning before I left the house.

2:30 pm

To switch gears, I’ll change locations from my desk in the Computer Science building and head to the library, the quad, or the campus center to change things up.

7:00 pm

After work is done for the day, it’s time to attend dance team practice or a Women in Computer Science club meeting, or just spend time with friends!

Attending WPI was easily the best decision I've ever made. The curriculum, the projects, the people: They're all incredible.
The project-based curriculum has helped me develop solid, demonstrable work that I can talk about at WPI career fairs and in interviews, as well as time-management and person-management skills.
The vast majority of students at WPI not only are there to learn, but they LOVE to learn. They’re working on side projects, building websites, helping at robotics competitions, running small businesses, etc.
Being part of an environment like WPI where everyone works so hard makes you yourself want to work harder, which is very inspirational.
WPI is a school of people who are passionate and enthusiastic about what they're interested in, and they push themselves to do more than simply what's asked of them.