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Dalia S.

PhD, Biomedical Engineering

For Dalia, WPI’s research project–focused curriculum helped her make connections between new ideas she learned in class to what she was doing in the lab. One of her specific aims for her project conducting research on hydrogel scaffolds for use in neural applications was to conduct her studies in vivo based on a rat model. So, she was able to see the big picture of the skills she needed to succeed and enrolled in a Small Animal Surgery class at WPI that exposed her to animal care, handling, and surgical experience.

After graduation, Dalia hopes to take her hands-on experience obtained at WPI and work in an industry setting as a clinical research project manager, as well as teach part-time in an academic setting.

Dalia Shendi

Jersey City, NJ

Faculty Mentor
  • Anjana Jain, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Marsha Rolle, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Terri Camesano, Dean of Graduate Studies and Professor, Chemical Engineering
  • Obtaining an IGERT fellowship to expand her research and submit her first peer reviewed publication
  • Developing friendships and connections through the close-knit BME department


  • Marketing Coordinator for WPI Undergraduate Research Journal
  • Graduate Student Coordinator for Alpha Eta Mu Beta
  • Academic tutoring at Doherty Memorial High School
  • Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day


10:00 AM

I start my day at the laboratory to complete any planned experiments. I am working on multiple projects, so it is very exciting to me to not have the same work planned out all the time.

2:00 PM

I’ll often meet with either undergraduates for training/mentoring, or with my research collaborators to discuss next steps for our projects.

4:30 PM

Time for a Starbucks run! You never have the same day twice when working at WPI, so you need to be on your toes!

My advisor, Anjana Jain, as well as Marsha Rolle and Terri Camesano have been professional female role models that I strive to emulate after graduating.
My advice to students is to identify a discipline that you are extremely passionate about, which will make you want to get up in the morning ready to tackle the challenges ahead!
Be open to any opportunity available at WPI even if you think you may not like it or are a little scared to participate. You never know your true potential unless you try!
WPI is the perfect size – it’s not overwhelmingly large, but it’s still one of the best engineering schools out there.