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Floris Van Rossum '20

BS in Robotic Engineering and Computer Science

Floris, an international student from the Netherlands, constantly pushes himself to make the world a better place. He does this through full utilization of WPI’s opportunities, including projects, extracurricular activities, and work.

During his junior year at WPI, Floris went to Kyoto, Japan, for his IQP. While there, he met people outside his major field who taught him more than just the importance of writing and collaboration. His project sponsor, a visionary who imparted the importance of an environmental grassroots initiative, showed Floris the impact such a movement can have on developed society.

The summer before his senior year, Floris worked on a software application for Professor Loris Fichera’s COgnitive MEdical Technology (COMET) laboratory. This software application provided accurate simulations of a medical device (a notched tube endoscope) for use in various procedures. The novel software allows doctors to upload a CAT scan of the application environment (such as the patient’s inner ear) and to design the perfect tool without needing to understand the mathematical components behind the design. Applying graduate-level robotics concepts, such as differential geometry, helped in the creation of this helpful product.

While project work keeps him busy, Floris believe in balancing out his college experience and building a community, so he is heavily involved in WPI extracurriculars. As president of the 90-member fraternity Sigma Pi, he enjoys meeting and interacting with people across WPI’s campus.

His is a familiar face in the Makerspace, where he spends many hours working as an administrator. Through his job, he is able to teach prospective students, current students, parents, and visitors at the Prototyping Lab about 3D printing and other prototyping technologies.

Professional photo of Floris

The Hague, The Netherlands

Faculty Mentor

Loris Fichera, Computer Science
Jennifer deWinter, Humanities and Arts

  • Graduating on time and with good grades with a double major in Robotics Engineering and Computer Science
  • President of Sigma Pi, a fraternity with 90 members
  • Employee in the Prototyping Lab, where he invests at least 10 hours a week teaching prospective and current students about 3D printing technology
  • Administrator in the Makerspace
  • Reading
  • Philately (the collection and study of postage stamps)
  • Running
  • Travel
9:00-10:00 am

I wake up and do administrative work for the Makerspace. Following this, I head to my first class.

11:00 am

I head back to my chapter house as lunch is served around 11 am. After lunch, I go back up the hill to do homework or go to my next class. After classes are finished, I work at the Makerspace for 1-3 hours, or I have meetings with campus officials, the Inter-fraternity Council, and Sigma Pi chapter members.

Midnight-2:00 am

After I have finished homework and replied to emails, I go to bed.

Don’t stress yourself out too much during the first couple of years of college. It might seem like everyone is incredibly focused on proving themselves and comparing themselves to one another, but everyone goes at their own pace.
[The Greek life system] has been instrumental in my decision to continue studying at WPI—it has been a very valuable experience. As an international student, my fraternity is comparable to a family that I can rely on at any time.