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Hannah Schulz '21

BS, Civil Engineering and Environmental & Sustainability Studies

From joining Phi Sigma Sigma to volunteering with the Food Recovery Network and Elm Park Elementary School, Hannah wasted no time getting involved, something she sees as an integrative and vital part of life at WPI.

“The more involved I become, the more I feel as though I’m becoming a part of WPI’s community of passionate, driven individuals looking to make change,” she says.

She also immersed herself in her studies and project work, from developing a viable refugee shelter design to researching damage done to the Great Barrier Reef. The projects have not only given her improved confidence, leadership skills, and time management; she has invaluable experience to show employers, as well.

Whether she decides to complete research or earn her master’s degree after graduation, Hannah plans to utilize her skills and experience from WPI by working in sustainability.

Hannah S

Berlin, CT

Faculty Mentor

Soroush Farzin-Moghadam

  • Named Outstanding Member of the Class of 2021
  • Vice president for the Food Recovery Network
  • Tutor at Elm Park Tutoring program
  • Building manager in the makerspace in the Innovation Studio
  • Member of Engineering Ambassadors
  • Member of Outing Club
  • Backpacking
  • Rock climbing
  • Throwing Pottery
  • Training for the Newport Marathon
  • Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Club Soccer

I head to my first class of the day.


I hang out with friends in the Campus Center or work on homework until lunchtime.


My afternoon classes begin.


I go for a run.


I attend meetings for various clubs before finishing up homework and relaxing for the night.

When you graduate from WPI, you graduate with innovators, problem solvers, and researchers. You’re side by side with peers who push you to do better.
WPI is filled with doers. People who are looking to push themselves to become better, a group of problem solvers that have formed a supportive community.
Our term system is pretty awesome. The ability to actually delve deep into three different courses at an accelerated but immersive rate is something you won’t find anywhere else.

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