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Janvi K.

MS, Data Science

Spring 2019 

Project Sponsor

Our GQP team consisted of three members, two of which are still in their second semester of their master’s program—and one (i.e. me, I am in my final semester). They are pursuing this project as an independent study. 

Janvi Kothari headshot

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Faculty Mentor

Prof. Fatemeh Emdad and Prof. Chun-Kit

The baseline problem that we were to address during this project was to help improve customers/client overtime repurchases and find the causes affecting the low rate of repurchases. However, in order to address this, it was important to look into the company's internal workings to find if the processes were working correctly. The underlying problem was to identify if a project is completed within a particular time range or not. For this, it was important to have details about project tickets, user story, use cases, the complexity of tickets and other such detailed information. This problem was important to analyze if there was any issues on the company's end (such as resource allocation) causing reduced customer repurchases. Data was collected and provided by our sponsors from their different data repositories. 

The most valuable part of my GQP experience was learning and helping address the problem of our sponsors by considering them as my client who may/may not have much of data science and machine learning knowledge. Client interaction is an excellent skill which can be learned only with experience. I plan to use my earned knowledge in the world of business and take it further to help the growth of this world.

WPI has instilled the importance of exploring new ideas using technology in avenues of business or medicine or even beyond our imagination.
Believe in your idea and your project.