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Jean Philippe M.

Senior, BS in Industrial Engineering

People spend their breaks at work in different ways—reading, taking a walk, catching up on social media—but for Jean Philippe and his coworkers at Hasbro, their break time consisted of something a little different: a casual game of pickup Monopoly.

Jean Philippe worked as a project engineer during his co-op experience, where he communicated the needs and specifications of the Research & Development team to their engineering counterparts in Hasbro’s Hong Kong offices; maintained project schedules; created spec packages; and more.

Although he initially had concerns that a co-op would cause him to fall behind in his coursework and miss out on campus activities, he soon realized that with careful planning and guidance from the Career Development Center, he was able to participate in an experience that provided him with invaluable skills for life after graduation.

After graduation Jean Philippe will be joining Velcro Companies as a full-time engineer for its Global Operations rotational program. Although he won’t be continuing with Hasbro, he credits his time at that company with helping him realize that he wants to focus his skills on product development for consumer goods.


Tegucigalpa, Honduras

  • Captain of Men’s Varsity Swim Team
  • CDC Co-op Ambassador
  • Former President of Industrial Engineering Professional Society
  • Former Community Advisor
  • WPI Admissions Associate
  • Phi Kappa Theta
9:00 am

Spend the morning responding to emails received overnight from our Hong Kong offices.

11:00 am

Met with colleagues from marketing and product design to ensure that a product we were working on still met their criteria after edits had to be made.

3:00 pm

Discussed the design and layout of a toy’s box, as well as the contents and color of a product in another meeting with the design team.

As a co-op employee, I got assigned the very same tasks that full-time project engineers were assigned, and I was given enough responsibility that I felt I could be a full-time project engineer at Hasbro, as well.
Planning out what you want out of your academics and the logistical details about doing a co-op are all things that need to be considered to make the most informed decision, and we have the right resources and people to help make that decision easier.