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Jennifer D.

Sophomore, BS in Mechanical Engineering

As a lifelong athlete, Jennifer Day knows the importance of teamwork. She and her teammates on the WPI Varsity Swim Team support each other in every way, struggling together, celebrating victories, and learning from their mistakes and setbacks along the way. From her first days on campus, she was working on teams in the classroom as well. Her first year she participated in the Great Problems Seminar and gained a true appreciation for the power WPI’s project-based curriculum would have in preparing her for her future. She’s not only learned what it’s really like to work on a team, have strict time constraints, and effectively communicate ideas and results, she’s also learned so much about herself from understanding her learning style and motivation to achieve to relying on teammates and learning from mistakes.

Jennifer Day

Chelmsford, MA

Faculty Mentor
  • Paul Bennett, swim coach
  • Being a teammate on the WPI Swim Team
  • Making the deans list
  • Receiving the Charles O. Thompson Scholarship freshman year
  • Women’s Swimming and Diving
  • WPI Student Athletic Advisory Committee
  • WPI Students preventing Assault and Rape in our Community
  • WPI Association of Student Mechanical Engineers
  • Art, Triathlons, Coaching
9:00 am

Attend my morning class, Mechanical Design. I love this class because we are working in teams to create a portable speaker for cell phones. It’s really interesting to be creating a tangible object to address a present day issue.

12:00 pm

Meet up with my teammates at the Rubin Campus Center to get some food. We hang out on the third floor and catch up while we eat. I’ll usually stick around and get some homework done after lunch.

1:00 pm

Head over to the Sports & Recreation Center to lift weights.

4:00 pm

After afternoon classes, I head to swim practice. I’m really looking forward to swimming in the Conference Championships next week!

7:00 pm

I head back to my apartment to do homework and relax with some Netflix before bed.

At WPI, I have found my people – people that share the same drive to succeed, morals, creativity, and knowledge that I know will help me immensely in my future.
The project-based curriculum has already impacted my education. I took the Great Problem Seminar my freshman year and it was a huge success in many ways. It prepared me well for my upcoming trip to Melbourne, Australia where I will be completing my IQP.
As my swim coach, Paul Bennett has not only taught me proper stroke technique and race strategy, but also how to be mentally tough. He sets high goals for me in and out of the pool and offers guidance and direction for all aspects of my life.
With WPI’s project-based curriculum and short terms, I am able to learn what it is really like to work on a team, have strict time constraints, and effectively communicate ideas and results.