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Jiayi Jiang '20

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering

For Jiayi, WPI’s project based learning has allowed her to have unique, hands-on experiences that may not have been possible at other institutions. “I’ve learned a lot from hands-on experience and the process of learning with microelectronics,” she says. During her junior year, Jiayi designed a smart plug that can monitor power consumption and additionally be controlled and turned on and off remotely. She is now working on an analog front-end design chip that will monitor respiratory rate using inferred light and photo sensors.

WPI has helped Jiayi accomplish her dreams and pursue her passion in the face of adversity. Early on, Jiayi faced social pressure to go into a less male-dominated field. Nonetheless, Jiayi pushed forward to pursue her dream of becoming an engineer. WPI’s steadfast support for diversity, inclusion and innovation, along with its robust project-based curriculum has helped pave the way for Jiayi’s bright future. Jiayi has already been offered a job and will be working as an application engineer for Analog Devices. She plans to receive her masters in the future as well.

jiayi jiang

Shanghai, China

Faculty Mentor

Stephen Bitar

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Don’t be bothered by what other people tell you to do. Just do what you want and love to do.
9:00 AM

Get to campus and prepare for the day. Usually start my day in the campus center with research study.

1:00 PM

Have lunch with friends and take a short break.

2:00 PM

Come back to work on analog IC homework and working with friends helps relaxing the stress.

4:00 PM

Discrete signal process lecture with all Fourier transforms and Z transforms, which helps understanding about discrete system.

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