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Jorgo Gushi '22

BS, Electrical and Computer Engineering

As a transfer student, Jorgo has jumped into life at WPI with both feet. From joining several student organizations and committees to rushing a fraternity, he not only demonstrates his time management and collaboration skills, but meets new friends. “Getting involved … made me feel part of a community, part of a family.”

Extracurriculars are just part of his WPI experience; academics are at top of mind—he made the Dean’s List, he was assigned to the Beijing Project Center for his IQP, and he selected his MQP to complete his senior year.

What’s next for Jorgo? He’s currently applying for WPI’s BS/MS program, with a goal of earning his in 2023 before enrolling in a doctorate program in his field.

jorgo gushi

Gjirokastër, Albania

  • Senator of the 30th and 31st WPI Student Government Association
  • Member of the International Student Council
  • Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Member of the search committee for the Bernard M. and Sophia Gordon Dean of Engineering
  • Member of the Chairman’s Prize Award Committee
  • Member of the Committee on Advising and Student Life
7:00 AM

My days are usually fast-paced, so I get up early to prepare for the day and go to classes.

12:00 PM

I take a break for lunch and to get ready for any afternoon classes.

6:00 PM

Once classes are over for the day, I attend club meetings and relax with friends.

My favorite thing about WPI is its innovation and the fact that it is the ‘coolest’ college in the area. The project-based learning, the way the WPI community members approach and solve simple and complicated problems, make WPI a cutting-edge institution.
Getting involved ... made me feel part of a community, part of a family.