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Kayla S.

Sophomore, BS in Chemical Engineering & Minor in Biochemistry

For Kayla, it’s personal—especially when it comes to chemical engineering. “Both my father and my uncle were diagnosed with MS,” she explains. “Their conditions focused my attention on neurological diseases and how I could help.” Kayla fell in love with “chem-e” and pharmaceutical R&D when she was in high school, and she started hunting for an ideal school in New England for her undergraduate study. “My mom and I fell in love with WPI when we visited. It’s such a beautiful campus, and we felt a level of welcome that we didn’t experience anywhere else. I was immediately hooked.”

Kayla Sica

Belleville, NJ

Faculty Mentor

Stephen Kmiotek, Professor of Practice, Chemical Engineering

  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholar
  • Dean’s List
  • Student Alumni Society (programs co-chair)
  • Crimson Key Tour Guide
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority (Gamma Iota)
  • theater
  • volleyball

Learning to calculate and balance flow recycle ratios in chem-e may not be everyone’s idea of a perfect morning activity, but it works for me.


Herd Day is off to a great start. Games on the Quad, T-shirts, and free food (of course). Long live Gompei!


Production meeting for The Importance of Being Earnest. Who knew STEM types could act?


 Learned my first flash mob routine. Dancing to Thriller as a PR stunt for the Haunted Higgins House.


 Ate dinner. Worked through a problem set. Now off to hang out with my sorority sisters.

Project-based learning definitely sets us apart. Employers know from experience that WPI students and alumni are different—prepared, dedicated, and always up for a challenge.
I set my heart on a career in chemical engineering for very personal reasons. Thanks to WPI, I now understand just how many professional options I can pursue in my field.
One of the things I love most about WPI is the boundless opportunities to study abroad and still graduate on time. Overseas experiences are built into the flow of our curriculum and scheduling.
We have a good percentage of women in STEM fields here, but it isn’t about numbers—it’s about attitude. At WPI, everyone is valued for what they can contribute.
You can do anything you want at WPI. And you’ll find your people here—people who understand you, share your passions and ideas, and help you make it happen.