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Kelly B.

Senior, BS in Biomedical Engineering & Professional Writing

Kelly knew moving from California to Worcester was going to be a big change. When she arrived on WPI’s campus, she knew her decision to take a big leap was the right one and her time at WPI only confirms that. With a steady stream of projects, she’s learned to organize her work, give presentations, and fine-tune her organization—all skills that will be valuable in the working world. “Beyond having hands-on experience and experience working on projects,” she says, “WPI students are willing to work with others and take into consideration as many ideas as possible before getting the job done.”

Those very same projects also offered another bonus. “We're all always working together, which is an environment fostered by our project-based curriculum,” she says. “We're all willing to help each other out.” And with labs and hands-on work in so many of her courses, Kelly found she was able to apply her understanding of the material to her design-based classes.

Her days revolve around classes, studying, and clubs, and there are always plenty of events going on around campus. She’s a big advocate of getting involved in campus activities. Since her first year, she has been a staff member of The Towers, WPI’s only student-run newspaper, eventually holding the position of co-editor-in-chief. “I have loved seeing how far our organization has come over the past three years,” she says.

Kelly Borden

Livermore, CA

  • The Towers WPI Student Newspaper, Editor-In-Chief

  • WPI Panhellenic Association, Vice President, Judicial

  • Alpha Xi Delta Women's Fraternity

  • Habitat for Humanity

  • WPI Writing Center Tutor

8:00 am

I normally go "up the hill" (to campus) around 8 or 9 in the morning. 

12:00 pm

In between lectures and labs, I'm doing homework or studying with friends and group mates, at club meetings, or just hanging out in the Campus Center or the Quad.

10:00 pm

I'm on campus until 9 or 10 at night.

Through the projects I've done I can tangibly see how much I'm learning and how much I've grown as an engineer and student.
The opportunity to work with so many different students and gain different perspectives has been invaluable in my experience.