Kimberly C.

Senior, BS in Biochemistry & Professional Writing

For Kimberly, WPI has encouraged her to grow and develop as a person outside of the classroom, perhaps even more than in the classroom. When she first began college, she never would have thought that at a school of thousands of students, she would have the vision and leadership to start her own organization, but at WPI, she got that opportunity.

With a friend and WPI peer, Kimberly founded a WPI student chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, which is now officially recognized by the Student Activities Office.

“The support and enthusiasm from professors and students of all levels at WPI for this new organization has been magnificent and overwhelming,” says Kimberly. “I am really determined to help grow the life science community at WPI through this new organization, as the number of life science majors grows and the research at Gateway Park continues to thrive.”

Kimberly Codding

Gales Ferry, CT

Faculty Mentor

Maggie Becker, Career Development Center

  • Founding a student chapter of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at WPI
  • Completing her IQP in Mandi, India, allowing her to work cross-culturally and become more confident outside of her comfort zone
  • Newman Club (Catholic campus ministry)
  • Table Tennis Club
  • WPI Writing Center Tutor
  • Music
  • Soccer

After sleeping in a little, I get ready and run off to whatever mix of writing classes and biochemistry labs I have for the day.


I’ll either eat at the Rubin Campus Center food court or make my own lunch. In between classes, I am CONSTANTLY checking my email and flagging anything that needs attention later.


In the afternoon on almost any day, I have meetings for one of the organizations I am interested in, and I’ll often end up chatting with a friend there afterwards.


Finally, after dinner and all the meetings, I'll settle back into my apartment and organize my workload for the night. I'm a night owl so I stay up easily until 2 a.m. every night (that's the early side) doing my various work... and finally go to bed, to do it again the next day. But it’s always a little different, so it stays fun and exciting!

I think what sets WPI graduates apart from their peers is their readiness. After graduation, we are ready to enter the next stage of life, whatever that may be, with confidence.
I love WPI so much! Before I even started coming here, I visited so many times that I own an entire closet full of WPI gear.
If you're ready to be with a group of students who are passionate about their work like you are and solving real-life problems in collaboration with others, then WPI is definitely the place for you.