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Kyle C.

Senior, BS in Computer Science

Kyle’s the type of person who seizes the day—and his usually starts at four in the morning. 

Because he dedicates the early morning hours to homework and studying, he’s got the rest of the day to focus on one of his passions: sustainability.

From his roles in Students for a Just and Stable Future and the Green Team to his position as an intern in the Office of Sustainability, Kyle’s become not only a major sustainability advocate, but a more effective organizer and leader, as well. He regularly manages events and programs around environmental and social issues, and has also found new ways to apply his skills in computer science outside of academic settings.

Kyle has used much of what he’s learned in his computer science classes to create open-source projects for topics ranging from education to sustainability. All of this will aid him in his plans for after graduation, when he hopes to work as a software engineer for a nonprofit or in a governmental position involving sustainability. 

Kyle Corry headshot

Chepachet, RI

  • Member of the WPI Green Team (President for two years)
  • Office of Sustainability intern
  • Member of Students for a Just and Stable Future
  • Student Assistant in the Department of Computer Science
  • Sustainability
  • Society of Martial Artists
  • Upsilon Pi Epsilon (computer science honor society)

Student Timeline


I wake up early and use the first few hours of the day to complete my schoolwork.


I leave for classes (I prefer those held in the early morning).


I participate in some of the campus events hosted by the Green Team and the Office of Sustainability.


I finish up the day with some club meetings.


I head to bed.

I’ve learned how I can use my skills to get others to care about the environment and social issues. I was also able to see the impact of my efforts firsthand throughout the campus community
My favorite thing at WPI is that there are so many people who are passionate about their skills and majors and are willing to apply them to real-world problems, such as sustainability.