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Kyle Dituro '21

BS, Mathematical Sciences


It’s a favorite subject for some while striking fear into the hearts of others, but for Kyle, it’s one of his biggest passions, and something he’s been able to delve into even deeper during his time at WPI.

He credits WPI’s project-based curriculum with helping him learn and understand the various ways his skills can be implemented out in the world, outside of problem sets and equations. Kyle’s love for math doesn’t stop in the classroom—he’s also a regular in the math lounge, and president of the Math Club, something that, as a self-described introvert, he’s especially proud of. “Being able to be a part of and lead the greatest club on campus is a true honor for me.”

After graduation, Kyle plans to pursue a PhD—and, of course, keep up with his passion for all things numerical.


Kyle D Portrait

East Northport, NY

Faculty Mentor
  • Padraig Ó Catháin
  • Bill Martin
  • Joseph Fehribach
  • Jim Monaco
  • Lindsey Van Gieson
  • Sophia Jagannathan
  • Michael Hamilton
  • President of the Math Club
  • Member of WPI eSports (StarCraft 2 division)
  • Tetris

I head to Stratton Hall and spend the day in the math lounge, doing homework, and helping other math students.


Head back for dinner.


Work on projects, attend meetings, and take care of other miscellaneous tasks.


Go to bed.

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