Lailah T.

Senior, BS in Industrial Engineering & MS in Management & Minor in English

Lailah is a student who is interested in seeing and learning about as much of the world as she can. An avid member of several multicultural clubs and organizations like the Black Student Union and the Multicultural Recruitment team under the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Lailah really loves WPI’s international population and how many opportunities students are given to travel through their courses and projects.

Through her travels, Lailah’s worldview has expanded and she’s developed relationships with people all over the globe, becoming better at working with and understanding people whose cultures are significantly different than her own.                                                                     

Lailah plans on working for a multinational corporation, and then eventually returning to school to obtain her M.B.A. She wants to empower marginalized communities in the United States and assist in international development of developing countries.

Lailah Thompson

Brooklyn, NY

Faculty Mentor

Professor Adrienne Hall-Phillips, Assistant Professor, School of Business

  • Obtaining a master’s in Management and a bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering all within four years at WPI
  • Developing relationships with people all over the world and becoming better at working with and understanding people from different backgrounds and cultures
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Black Student Union
  • Office of Undergraduate Admissions - Multicultural Recruitment
  • Peer Academic Coach at Academic Resource Center
  • WPI Board of Trustees Mentor Program
  • Tutor/ Mentor at African Community Education (ACE)

By mid-morning, I’m up and starting my day working either at the Rec Center pool as a lifeguard or at the Bartlett Center as a Multicultural Recruitment intern with the Admissions team.


My days usually include multiple meetings, whether they’re for group projects I’m a part of, or for the handful or clubs and organizations I participate in.


I often have classes in the early afternoons and late evenings, so my schedule is a little different than some other students’. In between, you can usually find me in the library studying or catching up with friends.

My relationship with Professor Hall-Phillips has helped me endure some of my toughest times at WPI and has supported my professional and personal growth and development.
Do not be afraid to ask for help! WPI has so many resources available to support you academically.
My favorite thing about WPI is that it’s an environment where students are prepared to tackle the challenges of the professional world.
WPI graduates are prepared to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and are able to work effectively and efficiently in both independent and group projects with persons of different backgrounds.