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Maggie K.

Junior, BS in Chemical Engineering

Maggie’s favorite thing about WPI is that it’s such a welcoming community full of different opportunities, something she learned and contributed to firsthand after signing up for Boffer Games, a PE class similar to live-action roleplaying (or LARPing) that’s run by the Society for Medieval Arts & Sciences. As she worked her way up from treasurer to president of the club, she’s been able to “actively change the conversations and stereotypes around LARPing to help create a more open-minded WPI community.”

When she’s not organizing battle games on the Quad or teaching boffer basics to new students, Maggie has no shortage of things to do. In addition to her club positions, she works at the front desk in the Career Development Center, researches how to grow single crystals of metal sulfides in Professor Grimm’s Grimmgroup lab, and volunteers as part of the SophoMORE Success Program in the Office of Academic Advising.

After graduation, Maggie plans to work in her chosen industry and experience life in a different part of the United States. She’s not exactly sure where her future will take her, but she’s excited for the new adventures to come.


Danbury, CT

Faculty Mentor

Maggie Becker, Director of Career Services & Professional Practice

  • President, Society for Medieval Arts and Sciences
  • Vice President, Society of Women Engineers
  • Secretary, Hillel
  • Secretary, Enactus
  • Sister, Chi Omega
  • Member, Student Alumni Society
  • SophoMORE Success Program Mentor, Office of Academic Advising
7:00 a.m

Wake up and head to my early morning classes


Depending on the day, I’ll either head to work at the Career Development Center, or complete some more research in Professor Grimm’s lab.


I attend both general body and executive meetings for the organizations I’m part of.


I finish up my homework and hang out with my friends for the night.

Be ready for some challenging classes, but also be ready to join an amazing community that will leave a positive impact on you for the rest of your life. The personal, social, and academic growth you’ll experience at WPI will amaze you.
The project-based curriculum has been one of the driving factors of my success both on and off campus. Learning to work with and lead teams...improved my leadership and interpersonal skills and also helped my resume and provided excellent talking points.
It’s been so important to me to learn as much as I can and not stress about the final grade because that way, I truly feel that my work pays off and I really retain knowledge.