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Matthew E.

Senior, BS in Aerospace Engineering

Matthew knows the benefit of having a faculty mentor on campus. With the help and support of professor Dimitrios Koutmos, he modified his on-campus Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) and took it in a different direction, going from investor sentiment in the stock market to the investor sentiment and performance of the aerospace industry. “I was able to learn a lot of things about the industry I will one day work in, which gives me an edge compared to other engineers,” he says.

Although he commutes to campus, he has taken on a number of leadership roles within the WPI community, serving as vice president of finance for the Interfraternity Council, president of the Aerospace Engineering Honor Society, and sustainability chair of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. “Being chosen to lead such groups is a big responsibility that gives you valuable leadership and accountability skills,” he says.

Matthew says being part of a fraternity allows him the opportunity to have a great relationship with alumni fraternity brothers. “Every year we have reunions and I am able to see how they have advanced in their careers, whether it be moving up to management or starting their own company. I believe WPI gives its graduates the necessary interdisciplinary education that allows upward career mobility.”

Following graduation, he hopes to work in the aerospace industry prior to getting his MBA to start his own company.


Hopkinton, MA

Faculty Mentor

Dimitrios Koutmos

  • Vice President of Finance, Interfraternity Council
  • President, Aerospace Engineering Honor Society
  • Sustainability Chair, Phi Gamma Delta
  • Graduate Assistant, Foisie School of Business
  • Community Service
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Learning new languages
6:00 am

I am a commuter so I wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready to leave my house by 6:30 am

7:00 am

Get on campus and go to the gym

9:00 am

Go to the library to look at my emails, plan out my day, and work on homework

10:00 am

Go to class until noon, then get lunch with friends

2:00 pm

Go to my MQP meeting and collaborate with my partners

5:00 pm

Go back to my fraternity house to eat dinner, and then get my homework done

I love the size of the school. It is not so big that you walk across campus without saying hi or talking to someone, but it is not so small that you know everyone in your classes at beginning of term.
There are many different types of people in such a tight-knit community, which makes the campus so special.
WPI is a place where you have so many opportunities to become involved socially and learn a whole new set of soft-skills that can stand out in your resume.