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Megan M.

Senior, BS in Mechanical Engineering & Minor in Architectural Engineering

For Megan, WPI’s project-based curriculum has not only provided her with experiences and challenges that have bettered her as a person, but it’s also given her a strong leg up for her future career goals.

During her freshman year, Megan was selected to travel to Belgium to work on the preliminary stages of designing a house for the Solar Decathlon. The following year, she completed her IQP in Thailand learning about the increasing participation and accessibility of services for Thai people who use intravenous drugs. In order to fulfill her MQP, she will compete in Disney’s Imaginations competition, which in the past has centered around projects, such as creating a Disney-esque transportation system for a city and creating a building on your school’s campus that encourages students to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Through all of these projects, both domestic and abroad, Megan obtained valuable experience collaborating with people from different cultures and with various personality types. She can see more clearly now how her classroom subjects relate to the real world and the jobs that will be available to her in the future.

After completing a co-op experience with Disney World during her junior year, Megan then was asked to return as a summer engineering intern in the Magic Kingdom. Her main career goal is to work full-time with Disney to design the attractions and be part of the blue sky process, or initial idea conception.

Megan Mueller

West Linn, OR

  • Completing a co-op with Disney World last year and working there the following summer as an engineering intern in the Magic Kingdom
  • Fulfilling her MQP requirement by competing in Disney’s Imaginations competition, in which the finalists will be flown to Disneyland to present their projects to a panel of engineering and Imagineers
  • Learning to work effectively in teams
  • Learning to balance schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and a social life
  • Alpha Phi women’s fraternity
  • Office of Admissions intern
  • Former Crimson Key tour guide

This term, I am starting a job in the WPI Admissions Office, so I will typically start my day there helping the staff.


After work and in between classes, I am in the Rubin Campus Center almost all day working on homework and hanging out with friends. For me, I have learned that I cannot go into a quiet space and work by myself because I get distracted easily, so I found a space in Rubin that enables me to see friends but also get work done.


If I’m not studying in the campus center until it closes between midnight and 2:00 a.m., I might attend meetings for Alpha Phi or one of my other school obligations.


When the day is done, I head home to relax!

WPI is a school that cares about its students pursuing their dreams.
WPI provides the opportunity to travel abroad and be involved in multiple clubs while also being a STEM student.
If you want a school that makes you a better student, person, and employee, WPI is the school for you!