Mike G.

Junior, BS in Aerospace Engineering & Minors in Music and Theatre

Whether you find him working away in the aerospace lab or performing on stage, you can be sure that WPI junior Mike is still dreaming big.

In high school, Mike thought that college was a time when following your imagination was over. But WPI allowed him to create his own path, and with hard work he’s been able to accomplish things he didn’t think possible, like having his own original musical produced and founding Sound Logic, an all-male a cappella group.

Mike now knows that being a dreamer can be one of your greatest strengths, and that exploring your inner creativity has a huge impact both in and out of the classroom. After graduation, he’ll continue studying the intricate field of aerospace engineering in grad school, with the hope of being involved in commercial space travel someday, because the idea that anyone will be able to achieve their dream of going into space is right up his alley.

Mike Gagliano

Centereach, NY

Faculty Mentor

Susan Vick, Professor of Theatre, Humanities & Arts

  • Completing his IQP with the US Forest Service in El Yunque, Puerto Rico – some of the interactive activities they helped design were adopted into the organization’s environmental outreach and education
  • Having his own original musical produced in New Voices 32, a student play festival put on by MASQUE every year
  • Founding and directing his own a cappella group, Sound Logic
  • Singing in Sound Logic, Men's Glee Club, and Festival Chorus
  • VOX Musical Theatre
  • MASQUE theatre
  • Vocal Production Lab
  • Music Composition, playwriting, and LEGOS!


Professor of Theatre Susan Vick helped me explore my inner creativity and to be sure of my self and my abilities, which has impacted how I approach work and classes in my major field as well.
I would highly encourage students thinking of coming to WPI to try something out of your comfort zone while you're here, as that’s where you might find some of your best friends and memories.
My favorite thing about WPI is all the extremely bright and amazing people.
WPI grads stand out because we can actually assess the implications of our work. Since we do so many projects, we’re encouraged to actively think about the consequences, both good and bad, of what we are designing or doing.