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Mona Elokda '20

BS, Electrical & Computer Engineering

For Mona, the distinctive methods and process of learning, along with the relevant communication skills that WPI has provided her have been most valuable. When she arrived at WPI, Mona found it difficult to speak up and be heard. “At first, it was harder to be heard…I received a lot of confidence to speak up by one of my professors, Robert Traver, who noticed, and included the whole class in making sure everyone contributes and has a voice…” Mona received additional support from ECE Professor Ulkuhan Guler, who “showed sincere care, and paid attention to the little things and took the initiative to start a conversation with [her].” Along with the enthusiastic support of faculty, Mona has especially appreciated the freedom and flexibility of research and projects at WPI. In regards to the Major Qualifying Project and Interactive Qualifying Project, she states, “I love how you can come up with your own idea that is something fun!” For her MQP, entitled “Augmented Reality (AR) Assisted Cooking,” Mona introduced the concept of “detached monitoring” in a context-adaptive cooking system. WPI has provided Mona with a life-long support system and invaluable hands-on experiences that has paved the way for her bright future. Mona plans to work back home, while deciding on her next career goals.

mona elokda

Tanta, Egypt

Faculty Mentor

Reinhold Ludwig

  • Dean’s List
  • USAID/STEP Scholarship
  • Charles O. Thompson Scholarship
  • Robert H. Grant Invention Award-honorable mention
  • Philosophy Club
I love how you can come up with your own idea that is something fun!

Elementary Spanish I lecture – Learning a new language is fun, especially when you have so many friends who speak it! Now I can surprise them with new sentences everyday.


Animal Studies Philosophy inquiry seminar. Learning about our relationship with animals certainly teaches me to be more compassionate and to look at things from different perspectives.


Work on my homework at the library where I can make use of the library computers and be with my friends at the same time. I might get something to eat because library café sandwiches are delicious.


Advanced Analog IC Design lecture. My grad class where we get to learn all about designing electronic chips and design a cool respiratory monitoring smart watch.